Session 83 Summary

The heroes were able to save Flotsam from the raging attacks of frost giants and help rebuild before the storm hit the village. After the storm passed, Kaseem upheld his promise, the voyage to Frost Spire began. The adventurers learned that the Sea of Howling Souls was not a hospitible environment. Even with Kaseem using his djinn abilities to ease the raging sea, the Percheron, a vessel made of wind and water carved from blue ice, still moved about in rough waters. The Howling Souls is full of dangers. Creatures fly the skies and sail the waters. The adventurers learned first hand what it meant to cross these waters when they encountered large flying rocs and the Bone Ship captained by a hungry death hag looking to add more bones to her ship. They saw a giant iceburge inhabited by orcs be devoured by a giant whirlpool with tentacles.

After several days of sailing the heroes finally saw the island of Frost Spire. The Spire is an island of ice and snow with cliffs ringing the entire island rising 400 feet above the sea. A massive black cloud hangs over the island releasing an angry storm upon the Spire. After sailing around the Frost Spire, Kaseem finally found a cave that would grant access to the inner island. Disaster struck when the Percheron tried to enter the cave. A lightning strike from the storm overhead blew a chunk of ice, 3 times the size of the vessel, down upon the adventurers. Donner decided to jump free of the vessel, but the rest of the group could not react fast enough. The large chunk struck the Percheron, destroying it and sinking its occupants down to its cold depths.

The heroes are not new to this sort of dilemma. Every member of the group was able to get to safety and enter the inner portion of the Spire. They lost track of Kaseem and he never emerged from the water. The inner "valley" is blanketed in a layer of snow covering ice and the storm overhead continues to drop even more snow. Dunes and snow drifts are interspersed with broad plains and mountainous ice formations. The cliffs rise over 100 feet above the surface of the inner cragg. The adventurers quickly learned they were not alone on the Spire. A group of frost giants tried to ambush them as they exited the cave. The giants have come looking for the engine piece, and it is impossible to tell how long they have been here.

The heroes must find the piece before the giants do, but how do you find something without a clue where to look? The group will have to work together to battle the relentless storm and bitter winds, as well as fight the clock against the giants. It is a hero's task and the world depends on the Fate Seekers success.

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