Session 84 Summary

Now that the adventurers have found the Frost Spire they must find the engine piece before the giants do. They are behind in this game of war. The giants have been here and the heroes are uncertain for how long. The group decided to head south hoping to find the center of the Spire and maybe a clue to where they must go next. The heroes came across a strange hollow in the island, like a giant sinkhole forming in the ice. After a bit of investigation the group learned that the hollow was formed from the ice melting in this area. They could not find the cause but they did find that at the bottom of the hollow was a warmer environment and comfortable to rest. The strangest thing about this hollow was the ice is still melting, the frozen sinkhole is getting bigger.

The heroes continued on and found other inhabitants on the island. They came across a guard post manned by archons and other elemental creatures. They found these elementals to be much more difficult than the giants. They found a cave leading into a ice formation and found a group of giants manning a impossible looking ice forge. The giants fought fearlessly but could not withstand the heroes onslaught. It was also unfortunate the group could not question one to find out what this forge was for.

The Fate Seekers continue to search the Spire for a clue to the engine piece. Without a plan or a direction, the heroes have a mighty adventure ahead of them. They must survive the hostile environment as well as their enemies, the giants. They must keep their main goal in sight, the Divine Engine.

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