Session 9 Summary

July 18th, 2009

Heroes: Bagheera, Rhinox, Dashiell, Thorgan, Goli, Persephone and Lysandros.

The adventurers chased after the goblin attackers and found the Goblin King in the lair of the Deepspear goblin tribe. They stormed the stronghold of the hobgoblin warband known as the Rageclaw and defeated their warlord, Garbrak. But what do these two forces have in common? Who orchestrated the alliance against the Skulldrop Fort? The answers lie within the evidence found in the possession of the two goblin leaders. Each was wearing a strange amulet, one that appeared to be broken. Later it was discovered the broken amulets were two parts of the same medallion.

The heroes are still investigating the planned attack on Skulldrop. They put the pieces of the medallion together and found it to be a strange magical compass. The compass didn’t exactly point the group in the right direction like a normal compass. Instead the magic of the compass allowed them to see a blazing blue beacon rising high above the mountains to the north. The compass gave them the next clue to the mystery, but at what cost.

The beacon seems to be located beyond the Skeldon Mountains, the most treacherous of terrains in this area of Eridus. The mountains themselves are known to be impossible to cross. They are simply too unpredictable and dangerous with their natural hazards. If that was not enough, they house the larger species of humanoids like ogres, trolls, and giants. Not to mention the giant magical beasts that is found there like griffons, wyverns, and even packs of displacer beasts. They have been given the next location of their search, only to have their investigation come to an abrupt halt.

The adventurers decide they cannot proceed without a plan, or at least a means through the mountains. They return to Skulldrop. They speak once more to Commander Ryver and hand over the documents they have collected thus far. They try to acquisition a few griffons to ride over the mountains but they are too few to spare. The answer must be with the people of Skulldrop or this investigation ends here.

The heroes track down the guide they rescued from the hobgoblin stronghold. It seems he knows a great deal about this area, especially the history of the hills and mountains. He tells them there is an old pass high in the peaks of the mountains called the Skeldon Pass. All they have to do is get there. Luckily this part of the mountains is friendlier than the reputation suggests.

The heroes follow the road from the Fort straight to the mountains and begin their trek upward. They traveled as quietly and as stealthily as they could, disturbing nothing on the way up. Or so they thought. They decided to rest in a cave for the night, their hunters and nature guides found it to be a suitable camp site. They did not know it was already inhabited. Spiders descended from above, down into their camp during the night. It was a surprising wakeup call but they pushed back the spiders, killing a couple first. In the morning they continued their journey.

After another half days travel they finally found what they were looking for, Skeldon Pass. The pass looked like a tube cut through the peaks of the mountains. The walls of the pass curved upward and inward, ending in jagged fingers not quite touching overhead. The pass was long and shadowy, blocking out much of the sun. As they approached the center of the pass the shadows grew deeper, thicker. The world around them turned gray and dingy; a mockery of the Natural world. They had discovered a Planar Bleed, a phenomenon that reveals a portion of another Plane mixing with the Natural world. In this case, the Shadowfell and some of its inhabitants had spilled into the pass.

The heroes had their first brush with the dark Plane of the Shadowfell and made it through alive at least. They continued their journey through the pass as the sun began to shine down on them once again. It turns out the pass itself is only a few miles long. On the other side a pathway led down the mountain and into a valley below. Unfortunately obstacles continued to get in their way. Guarding the new path was a camp of humans that bore the mark of the Compass the party found. It seems their orders were to guard against any coming from the Skeldon Pass above. They have been relieved of their duties.

It has been a long and arduous journey but the heroes have come this far. They have been brave against every adversary and hurtled each obstacle with courage and self sacrifice. Thus far their enemies have been loathsome bestial humanoids that can be justified in their slaying. These creatures know nothing but slaughter so their own deaths should not come as a surprise. Like before in the sewers and again in the Tower, these new combatants were humans. For some reason they want their involvement to be secret, at least for the time being. What lies down the path? What is the strange blue beacon the heroes have been seeking? Who created the beacon, and if they planned the attack on Skulldrop, what is their goal? It is time for some much needed rest for the heroes, and they have an entire camp tents and supplies at their disposal.

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