Shadow Fist Sheng Li
  • Player: Lord Turk
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Stone Fist Monk
  • Level: 1st

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Fists
Implement: Ki Focus (non-magic)
Armor: Thick skin
Neck: N/A


Shadow Fist Sheng Li looks like a total wanderer wearing simple dark gray clothes. He is a human of average size - 5'8" and about 145-155 lbs - but appears to be in top physical condition. His hair is kept short and he has a loose scarf tied around his neck which looks to be used to help keep dust off his face while traveling. His stoic gaze shows he has experienced the harsh world and survived. The sparse gear that he has is neat and orderly, kept tight in its' place with leather straps and rope. No money pouch or even weapons can be seen on his person. It would seem that this human carries his life on his back and relies on others in times of trouble. But the way he carries himself tells a different story.


Generally cool and calm, Sheng Li wastes no time with petty issues and squabbles. He prefers to cut to the chase, get to the heart of the matter, and solve whatever the issue is - with force if necessary. His actions are deliberate and no energy is wasted in either his movements or his decisions.


Born into a harsh world, Sheng Li was bullied when he was younger. He wasn't as strong as some of the other boys and this earned him a beating. At least it did when they could catch or find him. He's always had a knack for disappearing when he needed to and providing for himself. Living in the big city he learned that you can only depend on yourself in this world. Then one day his beliefs came crashing down around him.

He was being chased by a group of men who were more than a little angry that he had stolen their gambling winnings. He couldn't outrun this group or even seem to hide from them and they eventually caught him. He remembers thinking "I'm going to die and I'm only 13." That was when out of nowhere came a whirling image of justice and pain for the thugs. The man flew in with a kick and knocked the lead thug back against a wall. Surely this one unarmed man, who was no bigger than the smallest thug and outnumbered 6 to 1, couldn't hope to win this fight against men with knives and clubs.

But as the thugs closed in the man went into a deep stance and unleashed a flurry of attacks that sent the thugs reeling in pain. His punches sounded like thunder when they connected, his kicks sent men flying or saw their legs swept from beneath them, and every attack against this man missed its' mark as he whirled, dodged, and tumbled out of the enemies' reach. As quickly as it began it was over and several thugs were running or limping away.

The man held out a hand to Sheng Li and helped him up.

"That's right! Run you jerks! Oh, and thanks a lot mister. That was really cool what you did back there. All those punches and kicks and stuff" he said as he posed and feigned kicks and punches.
"Thank you. My name is Thunder Fist Liu Kai."
"Hey, do you think I could learn to fight like that? It sure would help when people like those guys come after me."
"It's possible…" Said Kai, "But why were those men attacking you?"
"Because they're jerks, that's why!"
"Hmmm… You sure it has nothing to do with that heavy purse you're carrying?"
"What?! This? …" Sheng Li looked down sheepishly as he tried to think up a reply.
"That's what I thought young man. I was going to say that you look like you could be taught to fight like me at my masters' school, but we don't abide thieves in our midst."

And with that Liu Kai turned to walk away.

"Wait! Please wait…" Sheng Li stepped forward pleadingly. "What if I returned the money?"
"Well, that would be a step in the right direction I'd say. And with the amount of coin you have there I'd say that would show great desire to learn what I can teach you."
"I do! I don't want to be bullied around anymore."
Liu Kai nodded at the boy, "I know the feeling well. Come. I will accompany you to return the money in case those men are still drunk and angry. But understand that even if my master allows you to train it will not be easy. At times you will feel almost as if we are bullying you at the school. This is simply to teach you and instill in you traits which will aid you in the world. There will be pain, tears, and days that seem longer than any you have known before. But in the end you will be called a brother…and you will never again fear a bully."

And so they went to return the money and Sheng Li gave a heartfelt apology to the men he stole from. At the school of the Stone Fist in the heart of the city Liu Kai vouched for the boy and, after a brief examination from the master, he was accepted. Then began the longest and harshest 5 years of his life. Liu Kai was not lying when he said there would be pain and days that never ended. But in the end he became a brother and a better man for it.

Now he wanders about the world, his path ever unfolding and his skills ever improving.


Abaddon "Scar" Bloodhorn


The only place he remembers being able to call home is the school of the Stone Fist where he trained.

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