Sheriff Matnyr

The Sheriff is a spitting image of a model soldier. He has broad shoulders and a muscular build with his average height. He was fair haired at one time but mostly gray hairs cover is balding head this age. His beard and mustache is well groomed at all times with the fair coloring completely gone, gray hairs dominating his face. His scars on his face and any exposed skin shows his veteran status in his chosen field.

Sheriff Matnyr runs the watch in the village and is in command of any troops assigned to the village proper. He is one of two sheriffs stationed in the village. He got his position due to an encounter in the Jagged Plains which left him with a bum leg. He is much older than the Commander but respects the way he runs the Fort and is dedicated to his duties and his commanding officer. Sheriff Matnyr runs the watch within the upper village, on the Stone.

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