As the nomads were settling the Isles they continued outward as land became scarce. Eventually they began settling the outlying islands. Many of the islands were inhabited by the usual races, the lesser humanoid races and creatures of unknown origins. A select few, some of the smallest ones, were inhabited by humanoids they could only be describe as animalistic. The most common race found on these islands was called Filoren, or catfolk. Similar humanoids had characteristics of other animals and the inhabitants of these islands became known as manimals. Later it was revealed that these people resembled humans but could take on characteristics of animals. These people were called werecreatures or lycanthropes.

When discovered, the catfolk and others of their kind were not much different than the other intelligent races. They were not as common as elves, dwarves, or even dragonborn but they were not much different in how they lived their lives. Knowing that other species lived among the islands, and that the mainland was inhabited, these people began wandering through the different lands and the human civilizations. They were more barbaric than the other races but they were not uncivilized. The curious ones were actually the lesser of the animal people and as they became known around Eridus their true race was revealed. They are Shifters, born of lycanthropes with the ability to take on certain animal characteristics.

Shifters are still seen as bestial and barbaric even today, but the people of Eridus are starting to realize they are not humanoid in nature like goblins or ogres or lizardfolk. They are slowly becoming one of the more common races but they have a long way to go. One thing is certain; they have become a pawn in Eridus’ future.


Shifters are native to the smaller islands to the north and east of Eridus, as are many of the animal-like species. The jungles on these small islands are thick and mysterious, untouched by the civilized races. The people living on these islands, including shifters, are tribal people and true civilization still does not exist with them.

The islands of the shifters include two small islands between Eridus' mainland and Ashani, home of the elves. There are also numerous small islands to the east, located in the Broken Bay. The islands that are known to be shifter homelands are Kitara and Kaltin and the series of islands called the Shattered Isles.


When they were discovered these animal people came as a surprise to the settlers. They have seen goblins and fought against kobolds and lizardfolk, but these people seemed more native to the land. Shifters are the most humane of the animal people and have begun to spread throughout Eridus. They are now among the more intelligent races but more uncommon than elves, dwarves, halflings; even rarer than dragonborn and eladrin.

Even though they are not as common as the other races, shifters are seen as the more civilized of the manimal people. Their professions are not as broad as humans but they make good mercenaries, guards, and sometimes even laborers. They are slowly being seen among adventuring bands and their reputation depends more on their actions than their appearance.

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