Two roads lead into the village of stone that seems to rise from the earth itself. The structures appear wind-worn and sandblasted as it sits on the rocky frontier of Mentiel. Beyond the village rises a smooth hill made of solid stone where, on its wide flat surface, the village continues. Walls surround the part of the village located on what the locals call, “The Stone” and it is well fortified against any attack. At the front of the stone a newcomer can see the grand Skull Tower rising high above the walls. They can even catch a faint glimpse of the Rookery that peers over the edge of the Ridgeback Cliff keeping vigil against the enemies of the Jagged Plains.

Far to the north hidden away from most other civilized areas of Mentiel stands one of the provinces greatest defenders. Deep in the Flaming Hills at the most northern location sits the Skulldrop Fort. Travelers of all kinds use the Ridgeback Pass from the east and the Skull Pass from the west to travel the hills to get to the village and more importantly, to the Fort that guards the entrance to the Jagged Plains. The Flaming Hills are full of dangers but most are kept at bay by the guards and watchman of the village. The biggest threat lies beyond the Cliff down in the Jagged Plains where all sorts of bestial humanoids and other great dangers lie. The Jagged Plains are known for their goblin tribes and the occasional encounter with ogres and some trolls.
The village lives on mostly trade with travelers and guests that await their adventures beyond the wall. There are several general tradesman selling goods for traveling the Jagged Plains. There are metal workers known for their expertise in armor and weapons which is a good sell for those looking for repairs or just an extra weapon before they start their adventure. The village has recently discovered some ore deposits and has begun a mining expedition for ore and exceptional stone for building. There are no nearby settlements for Skulldrop to have open trade with but they have a steady pull of travelers and adventurers that keep them in business.

The Chime of Opening: Twice each day the great doors that close off the ravine are opened to allow travelers through. For security reasons the Commander of the Skulldrop selects these times himself. The Chime is actually an enormous bell located in the larger eastern tower. When it sounds it can be heard throughout the Stone and in the village below.

Fountain of Shadow and Light: The fountain in the center of the Trade Circle is a large circular fountain with a stone base in its center. Standing atop the base are two figures, one male, and one female. The figures stand back-to-back looking from east to west. The male figure looks to the east with a mace held up to his chest covering an emblem of a sunburst on his sir coat. The female wears a long dress and is cloaked with a cowl covering her face and has a pair of angelic wings upon her back. She watches the west coast with everlasting vigilance.

Village Locations

The Great Stone Inn The Stone
The Skull Tower The Stone
Destinies Wing Lower Village
Light of Kings Lower Village

Noteworthy Inhabitants

Ser Ryver Kriegieh Fort and Village Commander
Maranaren Kamor First Advisor to the Commander
Sheriff Matnyr Chief of the Village Watch

Campaign Quests

Assault on Skulldrop
Rage of the Goblin King
The Raging Deep
Foothold Alliance
Conclave of Earth
Keep of Sea and Sky
Betrayal of the Skull Tower

Rumor Mill

Uncovered Ruins
Royal Decree

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