Teeriphan is one of the wealthiest provinces of all Eridus. It is run by the silver tongued Reimarians and they are well known for turning anything and everything into profit. The Reimarian lords have their hands in nearly every aspect of trade in the province. Located on the northern coast of Eridus the ports see more traffic than any other port around the Isles. A great deal of gold changes hands in the cities of Teeriphan every day and in spite of the province’s masters its opportunities draws travelers form all over.

Teeriphan is home to the largest port city of northern Eridus. The province sees many travelers from all over the outside islands. It welcomes outsiders and strangers with open arms. It is one of the least populated provinces, but one of the most visited. Due to the heavy traffic through the area, the roads are usually easy traveling.


  • +1 bonus to Charisma
  • You may add Diplomacy and Insight to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Diplomacy and Insight checks
  • You may reroll any Diplomacy check, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Province Society

Teeriphan is known as the soft underbelly of Eridus. The people here are mostly merchants and traders and it’s a popular place for nobles, especially the Reimarians. The community built here is usually a friendly one and travelers find their stay quite pleasant.

Teeriphan is controlled by Reimarian merchants and guild leaders. There is not a single lord that controls the Province, the merchant guild known as the Merchant’s Scale makes all the decisions for the area, the more powerful and richest merchants rule on the high seats of the guild. Ever since the Auristians were segregated, the Reimarians have had a controlling power in the guilds.

Teeriphan has one of the largest trade centers anywhere in Eridus. The sea fairing trade lanes and the ports have made Teeriphan one of the more successful provinces. Outsiders are welcomed for their trade and are treated fairly well. Even after the invasion, the outlook of the common populace has not changed.


Teeriphan is one of the northern most provinces of Eridus. It covers almost two thirds of the Burning Rain Jungle that starts at the port city of Tephanel. On the western side of the jungle is part of the Burnt Plains and further southwest is the point of the Brimstone Hills. The last part of the province goes east up into the Flaming Hills

Brimstone Hills: The very eastern tip of the hills lies within the borders of Teeriphan. Not nearly as dangerous as the western portion of the hills, there are those unlawful groups that still take up residents in them. There are a number of bandit clans that call these hills home. They keep to the tip of the hills close to the farmlands they terrorize.

Burnt Plains: The plains are named for their notorious heat waves with very little protection from the sun. Travelers are warned to take extra water through these plains. It doesn’t have the effects of a desert, but the heat has taken its fair share of unsuspecting lives.

Flaming Hills: These hills are home to a number of dangers. Unlawful groups and those of the lower races call this place home. It got its name from the red dragon Nygusflare, or Redfear by the locals. He terrorized the hills from the Skalden Peak Pass where he kept his lair up in the mountains. H has not been heard from in several years.

Province Features

Teeriphan is sparsely populated. Many people believe it to be cursed land, land that the Empire has tainted and destroyed. Regardless of its fertility, some people refuse to settle here. Coupled with the fact that it is strongly controlled by the Reimarian guilds, Teeriphan remains one of the least populated provinces in northern Eridus.

Tephanel [Small Port City: 9,762]: Tephanel is a very prosperous port city. It is the largest port city in all of Eridus and its harbor is busy morning, noon, and night with traffic. The city is magnificently built around the northern most point of the Burning Rain Jungle. The city has no walls as it spreads out from the coast like a spider web. The city is built with a wave like design starting at the harbor and growing outward. It is very densely populated and the structures are built close together. It is ever expanding outward as well as inward. Its beautiful architecture is as much a draw as its abundance of trade.

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