Temple Of Blazing Stars

The Temple of Blazing Stars is dedicated to the Heroes of good and has shrines to just about all of them. The temple is not for any one particular deity; instead it is devoted to all of the forces of light equally. There is a shrine for Avandra, Bahamut, Moradin, and especially Pelor. The shrines are equally cared for by the Circle of Light, a group of priests that devote themselves to all of the good gods rather than any one in particular. The head masters of the Circle of Light include; Farath Futhanos, Benward Damaristan, Werira Shesada, Radipen Zamor, and Cryslor Maranzar. The parish also includes 5 adepts that have the ability to perform some rituals and a small group of acolytes that deal with day-to-day activities including the sales of merchandise. The Circle can perform the rituals Hand of Fate, Cure Disease, Raise Dead, and Remove Affliction for the standard donation of course.

The temple sells religious components, religious rituals and implements as well as potions. All items are limited to the city gold piece limit of 1,000gp.

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