Tyr Wyking

Tyr’Wyking is a vast jungle province harboring human inhabitants that refused to give up their nomadic clans. Unlike its sister provinces on this side of the Canal, it has a sense of law within its social structure. Even though they are removed from the main government of the Islands, they do not exploit their independence as the other provinces do. This is a bonded community that has not forgotten where its loyalties lie.

Tyr’Wyking is the largest settled area of Eridus. It is located on the southern half of Eridus covering the eastern portion of the land. The province is an immense jungle and nothing else. Only a couple settlements on the south shore of the region escapes its massive size. Tyr’Wyking is covered on three sides by water; its major commerce comes from the numerous port settlements on all three shorelines.


  • +1 bonus to Dexterity
  • You may add Stealth to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 to all Stealth checks
  • You may reroll any Stealth check, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Province Society

The people of Tyr’Wyking take great advantage of their position in the jungle. Having nothing but jungle as terrain, they have grown accustom to its dangers and mysteries. They have learned to blend in to their surroundings, to be the hunter not the hunted. They learned a great deal of skills in the jungle, and many have mastered them all.

The people of Tyr’Wyking are a tight knit society. They have learned that working together would greatly improve their chances. This bond has made them strong and fearless like a brick wall in a hurricane. To threaten one is to threaten many; they stand together in nearly everything.

Tyr’Wyking might be considered a single family, but they are not unkind to strangers. They are quite friendly and helpful to travelers and visitors to their land. They find it a great honor to give aid to those not familiar with the jungle hazards. Guides can easily be found throughout any of the settlements.

The province has a culture and government similar to that of a clan. They are far more sophisticated than your typical tribe, but they name chiefs as their leaders and elders always give wise council to the leaders and are highly respected. Each settlement has a chief and oldest family members are the elders of the clan, giving advice to the chief.

The provinces biggest trouble comes from the Druids of the Shadow Glade. They are a group of fanatical druids, rangers, and other nature protectors. They see the settlements as a blemish to their perfect world and their solitary goal is to rid the land of them. They are not afraid to use deadly tactics against their enemy.


Tyr’Wyking is the only province to claim but one terrain type. The province is covered in a beautiful jungle world, a world separated from everyone else. To the people of this province, the outside world might as well be a thousand miles away. Rivers snake through the jungle like veins in a muscle. As much travel is done on the rivers as there is on the roads.

The Canal: Some say the Eridus Canal begins here on the northern border of Tyr’Wyking. The Canal splits the northern regions of Eridus from the southern ones, but it creates a trade path for all the islands. It is much more cost efficient to travel the Canal rather than go around the entire island of Eridus. This brings a great deal of commerce to any settlement along its banks.

Blackmarsh Jungle: Blackmarsh is the largest jungle in all of Eridus Isles. It covers hundreds of square miles to the east of the Sheervine Marsh. Its astounding size only adds to the mystery of the jungle. It would take several lifetimes to learn everything the jungle has to offer. There are some places the sun never touches and tiny lakes that look like pools of liquid silver. Ti also has its dark side. Many predators call this jungle home, and the unwary traveler could be devoured in an instant. Blackmarsh provides a great deal of resources to its settlers; one just has to brave the wilds to get them.

Blackmurk Lake: Just southeast of the enter of the jungle is Blackmurk Lake. The lake provides water and food for many of the inhabitants around the center of the jungle. Its clear, crystal blue waters draw all forms of life. There is even speculation that life walks the deep caverns of the lake itself.

Province Features

The province of Tyr’Wyking is one of the most populated territories in all of Eridus. Even though the vast and dangerous jungle could scare off some of the mightiest of hearts, it still flourishes with human settlers. Most of the settlements are filled with wooden huts that are capped with peaked roofs. This doesn’t change the sheer numbers that live in this region. They may look primitive, but they are cut from the same cloth as the rest of the nomads that settle Eridus.

A Tyr’Wyking typical settlement looks like a tribal village made of huts with pointed roofs, but the quality of there merchandise is no less than you would find anywhere else. They seem to blend in with the jungle easily, the structures only taking up as much space as necessary. Sometimes the settlements are started in a clearing but then spread out into the jungle. They excel at leather and weaving, both being among their most popular trade goods.

Wylistar [Small Walled City: 11,309]: Wylistar is the largest settlement in the province. In the center of the city is a large clearing that is used for market purposes. Large huts and wooden structures make up the shops surrounding the clearing. The city spreads outward into the jungle with most of the structures covered by vegetation and woodland; this is more in respect and honor for the jungle rather than for protection. At the edges of the city, the walls completely encompass the settlement. They raise high into the canopy to make scaling more difficult.

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