Terravar is a mystery spot that draws scholars and nature lovers of all kinds. It is a small island that is extremely fertile and can grow just about anything. Its growth pattern is quick and its ability to recover from the harvesting of resources is astounding. Strange things can be found on this small island and it is believed great secrets grow in its deepest and darkest places.

Terravar is an island off the coast of the Black Skull Heights. It is one of the smallest islands that is actually a province. The island has very rich soil, there are things growing on this island that cannot grow anywhere else. There is a great deal of trade goods growing in the plains and jungle of the small island.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add History and Insight to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 to all History and Insight checks
  • You may reroll one History check per day, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse

Province Society

Even before the Empire, Terravar was an independent island. When the Auristians and the Hyperians fought for the throne, the people here simply tilled their fields and hunted their food. They refused to join in on the feud that threatened to tear this new land apart.

The island is home to mostly Melarians, but there are Auristians, Hyperians, and Elusians that believe a peaceful coexistence is a much better way of life. That is what this little island is all about, a community built on unity and family trust. It is rumored that this is the birth place of the Kaeparans, but there is no evidence to support that claim.

The people of Terravar do well for themselves without any outside influence. This does not mean they shun strangers and visitors. They believe the only way to bring about peace in this land is to show others a peaceful way. They enjoy new faces and new stories from travelers and guests to the island. Their welcomes and their smiles are easy and freely given.

Terravar is run by an elder group. This group makes decisions about the community based on what they think is best for everyone and how the decision can benefit everyone involved. Elders are typically chosen by the rest of the enclave and their retirement is usually preceded by death.

The island of Terravar is also home to a large community of halflings. The plains turned out to be a good place and the rich land is very supportive. The halflings trade regularly with the humans and they share the island with good relations. They are not afraid to help in its defense.


Terravar is a very small island, not really much to it. The entire island is only a little over a hundred square miles. What makes the island so appealing is the land itself. The land is very green and it is believed to be caused by the very fertile soil. Just about anything can grow here, and it usually grows very well. Eladrin scholars believe there is some form of connection between this island and the Feywild.

Haven’s Jungle: The jungle of Terravar is a very modest jungle. It is not very thick and it’s usually quite tame. Haven’s Jungle covers the middle and southern portion, taking up most of the island. There are more animals living here than anything else, and they can be easily avoided or worked around. The hunters that come into this sparse jungle are experts and know the wildlife very well. The jungle provides a great deal of food and medicinal herbs for the community.

Province Features

The population of the island would be considered quite meager anywhere else, but for the size of Terravar, it’s actually quite cozy. None of the settlements are very big and most are built close together for better protection and overall benefit of the community. If anyone asks, the settlers usually tell people the island is just the right size for their little home.

Therhal [Small Walled City: 7,132]: The city of Therhal may not be built in the center of the island, but it is its acting center. It is the only large settlement on the island and it plays a very important role in the community. Not only is the city the people’s main source of trade, it also houses the Elder’s Committee. This is the leading group of the island. In addition, the city is walled and large enough to hold the entire community during troubling times. The city has professional trained guards, not just a city watch or militia.

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