The Flying Talon Tavern

The Talon is a favorite among travelers and visitors to the city. It is a quiet establishment located south of the Market Square. Its proprietor, Anorlanna Zelwa, was a priestess of the Raven Queen for most of her life. An even in her past caused her to give up the clergy and open this establishment. Entertainment consists of slow, instrumental music only. It is a comfortable place to come and gather with friends but it has a dark undertone to it. Some say it’s the touch of the Raven Queen, rumors say the owner cannot shake the Queen’s presence.

Drinks: The Talon offers the standard dishes with normal prices and their drinks are typical among similar businesses. The menu includes mead (2cp), ale (4cp), beer (1sp), liquor (3sp), and wine (5sp); prices are for 1 glass. A pitcher of drink usually consists of 10 glasses.

Food: Common specials are (2sp) a dish while full sized meals are (1gp).

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