The Great Stone Inn

The Great Stone Inn lies in the west wing of the Stone. It appears to be two buildings in one. A single building is where the entrance is and where patrons sign in and get a room, called the Office. This is also where the dining hall and kitchen is located. Connected to the Office are the Suites. The Suites is a three story building with nothing but rooms for rent. The rooms range from simple to elegant, from cheap single rooms to full size apartment suites. Every room includes an evening meal and breakfast. There is a bath house connected to the Suites and a stable behind the Office. Stabling is including in the price of the room, whether a guest has a beast or not. Only important clients and wealthy guests stay at the Great Stone Inn, the most prestigious bed and breakfast on the Stone.

The proprietor of the Inn is one Tirha Eddazar, a female human, still handsome in appearance but aged. She is the friendly sort that seems to like taking care of people, making sure they are comfortable. She looks like the type that would do this even if she didn’t own the place and want the business. She is quick with a smile, which enhances her wrinkles, and still has the innocent chuckle she had in her youth.

Keeping the pristine condition of the Inn is the job of the maintenance manager, Bartin. Together with his maintenance staff, which includes the cleaning staff, keeps the Inn in top condition. He has been known to help Tirha at the front desk taking on new guests and he is a permanent resident of the Inn.


Single Luxury rooms are 1gp a night and include a good size room with all the trappings of a typical suite you would find elsewhere, including a full size bed. Luxury Suites are 3gp a night and are large rooms with extra services which include things like meal delivery and wash maidens. Apartment Suites are 5gp a night and located on the top floor and are noble sized suites that come with every luxury and service the Inn has to offer. This includes the serving staff being on call at all times. Call bells and draw strings are located throughout the suite.

The Bar

Meals are pretty standard and specials change every few days. The soup meal delivers for 2sp while a common meal is 4sp. The meat lover’s special is prepared for 1gp. Drinks available are common to most establishments. The prices per glass are mead – 3cp, ale – 6cp, beer – 15cp, liquor – 5sp, and wine – 1gp. A pitcher of drink usually consists of 10 glasses.

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