The Invincible Sorcerer Kebi Dabu

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Staff of Ultimate Defense +3
Implement: Staff of Ultimate Defense +3
Armor: Runic Githweave Armor +3
Neck: Cloak of Distortion +3
Feet: Boots of Free Movement (Heroic)


At first glance from a distance Kebi Dabu almost appears human. His short cut and ruffled hair, his lack of pointy ears, and his plain brown traveling robes all say that he should be. But his fine, angular features and the opalescent orbs of green he has in place of eyes mark him as an Eladrin. His demeanor is unusual at first and downright disturbing after spending any length of time with him. He seems to speak to people who aren't present or even real, acts like a child, and seems deathly afraid of the dark. He is often seen writing in one of his books; floating a vial of ink next to him while muttering to himself about formulas and such and scribbling unknown things onto the pages. He is never seen without a light spell on the top of his staff and rarely without ink smudges somewhere on his face. Interestingly enough his clothes and equipment are kept extremely clean and he hates to have them dirty for very long.


Kebi Dabu is a friendly individual who is very curious about everything. He seems to love the word "why" as much as a five year old child. He does appear to want to help out "the little guy" and defend the weak. But at times he can seem almost uncaring about people and things in general. Perhaps it is just that he is so easily distracted. No one seems to want to be around him long enough to actually find out the truth or much about him at all. He is a crazy old man after all…


Not much is known about the self proclaimed Invincible Sorcerer Kebi Dabu. The only things that others are able to tell you are the things that you can see for yourself:

  • He is a horribly disfigured Eladrin that has had the tops of his ears cut off in a seemingly brutal fashion and has multiple scars across his face, arms, and neck.
  • He is obviously crazy.
  • He wanders the land and travels light.
  • His light brown hair has obvious gray flecks in it indicating he is very old, even for an Eladrin.

Other than that you are unsure about the Wizard, or Sorcerer, or whatever. Perhaps you could ask him? But that would mean dealing with his mental instability and constant crazy talk…


There are few that Kebi Dabu can call friends in his old age. The only one that readily comes from his mouth if asked (usually someone asking if he has a friend to maybe help him in his "condition") is a Merik Hunterson. Though Kebi Dabu is quick to point out that he is a long way away on the Island of Whispers and also that he is just fine and doesn't have any "condition." He then usually starts talking to some imaginary person about how silly some people are.


Kebi Dabu doesn't seem to have a set home. Wherever he is at is home to him.

Wish List

Stuff. Preferably shiny stuff. And things. Lots of things.

But mostly his wish list includes knowledge of the arcane.

Item List to Help James


Runic Mindweave Armor +4 (LVL 18)
New - Accurate Staff of Ultimate Defense +4 (LVL 18)
Cloak of Distortion +4 (LVL 19)
Belt of the Witch King (LVL 18)
Planestrider boots (LVL 18)
Pierced Heart Tattoo (LVL 12) or Tattoo of Arcane Blood (LVL 14)
Flame Rose (LVL 10 Reagent)


Water Walk (LVL 2)
Arcane Lock (LVL 4)
Magic Circle (LVL 5)
Fey Passage (LVL 6)
Leomund's Secret Chest (LVL 6)
Phantom Steed (LVL 6)
Analyze Portal (LVL 8)
Linked Portal (LVL 8)
Seal Portal (LVL 8)
Water's Gift (LVL 10)
Seeming (LVL 12)

Kebi's World

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