The Outlying Islands

When the mainland was fully claimed the next step was conquering the surrounding islands. After settling Eridus the next step was to sail for the islands and claim them as well. Some of the islands were already inhabited. Some of these did not mind new settlers to join them and help the current inhabitants expand, but there were a few that did not take kindly to strangers. Some of these lands now have human provinces of their own, others are island lands in and of themselves.


Aerthral island is one of the farther islands on the outskirts of the Eridus territorty. The island is located to the far southwest and only open sea lies beyond. The terrain has successfully split the island between Eridus' long lost criminals, cutthroats and pirates, and a community of hard working, law abiding citizens of the kingdom. It is one of the larger islands but also one of the more deadlier ones.


Aliandess is one of the most bizarre islands of the Eridus Isles. Where most of Eridus is a vast and vibrant jungle alive with beauty and danger; Aliandess is a dead land, devastated by an unknown disaster far in its history. The land is burnt, a virtual wasteland. The only desert known among the land of Eridus is gray and lifeless with storms of ash and nearly poisonous air.


The inhabitants of Ashani do not consider themselves part of the human kingdom of Eridus. Ashani is home to the elves and they are adamant about keeping strangers away from their fair land. Ashani is a land of untamed wilds and beautiful dangers. The elves that live here believe the land is pure and untainted by the touch of humans.

Cutmurk Island

One of the many small islands comprising the Eridus Isles, Cutmurk Island is a low population island that is recovering from catastrophe of its own. Shortly after the island was settled a tsuinami crashed against the southern border of the island flooding everything. When the water finally receded it turned the southern part of the island into a wetland. The cause of the phenomenon is yet to be discovered.


When Eridus was first settled by the nomads some didn't agree with all the promises and good will from the Xynthians. Those that didn't believe the Xynthians were just too friendly and forthcoming but still wanted to find a frontier of their own, deverted thier sails from the mainland and headed to a large island to the east of Eridus. This smaller island became known as Dyrathan.


One of the smaller islands on the outskirts of Eridus territory, Elsenmoor is an island covered in mountainous and hilly terrain. It was also inhabited long before the nomads came. This island is the home of the gnomes. Their engineering genius is legendary around Eridus and their inventions or constructions are found on nearly every settled island.


Hyperia is the largest island on the eastern edge of the Eridus Isles. It is inhabited primarily by the warrior society known as the Hyperians. This island has always been their home but when the Empire came and conquered Eridus, the Hyperians retreated from Eridus and most of its surrounding islands and came here. With the majority of the Empire now gone from Eridus, there are rumors a Hyperian uprising being planned.

Island of Whispers

Among the islands surrounding Eridus there is a chain of islands between the mainland and some of the larger islands to the east. This group of islands is special for it draws the attention of scholars and sages alike for various reasons. The layout of the islands suggest they used to be one island that broke up into many. Though the greatest draw to these islands are the voices that seem to be a phenomenon shared by most in the chain. Some like the Island of Whispers learned to live through the strangeness that is all around them.


The Land of the Giants, Jerhelheim is an island inhabited by many of Eridus's most dangerous races. Giants rule the surface even if the dwarves don't want to admit it. Even the settlements around the island are well defended with walls and other defenses because of the common movements of the giant races. Many other lower races also live on the island; such as orcs, goblins, ogres and other minions to the giants. Some dragons fly the higest peaks of the island and are constantly at odds with the giants.


Rivermurk is a small island located far to the south of the mainland. It has been a forgotten island since the beginning of the arrival. It is considered part of the Isles only by proximity and many would like to abandon it altogether. The settlers of this island fight to be recognized as a member of the kingdom, and now the Empire. They fight to be known and respected.


There are many small islands surrounding the main body of Eridus. Some of them are inhabited and some of them aren't. Even though the island is inhabited it might not be friendly. Some have hostile creatures looking for prey or possibly inhabited by the lower races exclusively. Other islands were chosen by nomads in hopes of finding their own spot, a king of an island.


Xenaphar has always been the homeland of the founders of Eridus, the pious Xynthians. The Xynthians gave a new land to those that had none and they brought a new religion for a faithless people to believe in. Xenaphar is home to the benign overseers of Eridus. They are like parents watching over their children, but from afar.


Some islands fight to be noticed and remembered among the many islands of the Eridus Isles. Ylvangar and its settlers are perfectly happy to have a separated existance. They are a free people and consider themselves outside the influence of Eridus's kings as well the Empire.

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