The Provinces

The mainland of Eridus is simply the largest island of the Eridus Isles. The widest spot of the island from east to west is roughly 320 miles. Traveling from Tephanel on the northcoast down to the city of Uhnem on the far southern coast is a trip of about 264 miles. There is a large canal splitting the island from east to west. It shortens the trip between the islands on either side of the mainland and is used as a major trade route.

Northern Eridus

When the nomads settled Eridus they landed on the northern shore in the area of the port city of Tephanel; though the port city was not the first settlement of the newcomers. They continued to travel inland and found a suitable area to settle in the grasslands of the Burnt Plains. This grassland became the capitol of their kingdom, Central Eridus. From here the nomad families and spread out to frontiers of their own.

Southern Eridus

When Northern Eridus was fully claimed the only logical choice was to continue south across the canal. The land across of Southern Eridus was not as hospitible as Northern Eridus. There were tall peaks, rough hills, a vast and deadly jungle and the southern coast had a great swampland. The settlers of Southern Eridus was far removed from the kingdom and became a more lawless land. The provinces took on a more criminal element to them and only loosely followed the laws created to govern the kingdom. Southern Eridus is well known for their open slavery, and it has become a major business opportunity.

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