The Queen S Rookery Temple

The Queen’s Rookery is the single largest and most majestic temple of all Eluren. It is dedicated solely to the Raven Queen and its design and decoration is testament to that fact. The temple is a strong supporter of the King and has supported the governors and lords before him. The priests here know that the Raven Queen is highly revered in Mentiel and they use that to their advantage. The King tried to make the worship of the Queen an exclusive one but he could not control the populace and so lifted that decree. Even so, the temple of the Queen has a great deal of power among the government and gains much of its funds from the King’s coffers. This in turn creates more taxes for the people.

The high priest Talahan Rowwa the III runs the temple with the aid of his Rooks. Rooks are high ranking clerics in the temple that are granted the power to represent the temple and the Raven Queen anywhere they go. They have the power and experience to perform many rituals but cannot raise the dead, only the high priest can perform that ritual. There is a full staff of adepts and acolytes that serve in the temple. Any adept can add their strength to a performed ritual.

The temple sells religious components, religious rituals and implements as well as potions. Because of their government support, they can actually sell merchandise up to 1,250gp. This might include a rare magical item if the purchaser is of the right faith.

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