The Raging Deep

The death of the goblin king brought new information to light. The goblin, Nibkraw, wore a strange broken medallion. There was also evidence of an alliance between the Deepspears and a hobgoblin warband to the east called the Rageclaws.

Found on the eastern side of the Jagged Plains, the Raging Deep was a stronghold for the hobgoblins working with the humans and the goblins. The caves were protected by advanced engineering and weaponry for hobgoblins. It turns out an unknown element to the alliance was feeding the hobgoblins equipment, both mechanical and magical.

The warlord Garbrak retreated to his war room in hopes that his subordinates would halt the attack on his stronghold. He was found and finally finished. Plans were discovered of a Phase 2, which included the hobgoblins, and a Phase 3 to the plan against the Fort. Another Avatar letter was found and the second piece to the medallion Nibkraw wore. Together the medallions created a powerful magical compass that allowed a large beacon to be seen by the naked eye.

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