Thorgan Silvervein
  • Player: Belzavior
  • Race: Dwarf
  • Class: Fighter(Battlerager vigor)
  • Paragon: Warpriest
  • Level: 14
  • Homeland: Jeranhall
  • Age:76


If there was just one word to describe Thorgan it's "tough". If you had two words to describe him, it would be "really tough," and that’s by dwarf standards. A devout dwarf, Thorgan is a resolute follower of Moradin, whispering prayers and devotions to his god several times a day. Though pious, he is still a "Dwarf's Dwarf" and never backs down from a good fight, or a good tankard of ale.

Thorgan is well kept for a Dwarf, keeping his salt peppered beard in neat braids, with ornate golden clasps and rings woven throughout it. He is clad in heavy plate armor and carries with him a large hammer and a heavy steel shield.

Thorgan while old by human standards, still has a lot of adventuring life left in him, though he has had his share of experience in the world. He loves to share stories of his adventures during travel, while making camp or to anyone whom would listen at a local tavern.

Thorgan was a renown patrolman captain at Earthhome; the major port city of Jeranhall. Though he is currently on forced vacation over a minor incident involving the mayor's bodyguards, a tavern, and a lot of ale… Well Thorgan has never been one to lose a good ole fashion fist fight, and he didn't lose that one either, even if there was half a dozen of em. But the mayor figured he should probably take some time off anyhow.

Family and Friends

Jovis Silvervein: Thorgan's brother, a talented smith whom works in Earthhome. He is just as pious as his brother, and creates wonderful pieces of weapons and armor; giving his full attention to each and every piece he creates. Many of Thorgan's possessions carry sentimental value because they were created by his brother.

Tige Silvervein: Thorgan's father, an aging dwarf and priest of Moradin. Tige has raised his son's in the teachings of Moradin; though he was an adventurer in his youth. He is proud of both his sons and their respective path's in life, though always looks for an opening for a bit of instructional guidance.

Valuable Equipment

Weapon: Defensive Warhammer +2
Armor: Adamantine Plate +2
Neck: Cloak of the Walking Wounded +2
Feet Boots of free movement (heroic)
Arms Bracer of Tactical Blows (heroic)
Hands Gloves of storing (heroic)
Head Helm of Opportunity (heroic)
Holy Symbol Standard
Waist Backbone belt (heroic)

Thorgans Wishlist

Warplate Armor of Dwarven Vigor Lvl 17 (armor)
Earthreaver Stompers lvl 16 (Feet)
Bracers of Tactical Blows lvl 16 (arms)
Iron Ring of the Dwarf Lords lvl 14 (Ring)
Defensive Weapon +3/+4 lvl 12/17 (Weapon)
Stone Band lvl 17 (ring)
Symbol of Dire Fate lvl 15 (holy symbol)

Strong heart Tattoo lvl 18

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