Tieflings are actually an old race but they have only recently been categorized as such. The normal response to seeing a tiefling was always fear, loathing, rage, and possibly murder. Tieflings have the unlucky curse of looking like their devilish or demonic parent. They are typically half human or half elf or one of the other common races. Unfortunately their more predominant features give the other half of their heritage away.

Tieflings are born of devils or demons mixing with mortals. It is theorized the only way to spawn a tiefling is to mingling the blood of fiends and humans, but the mingling of other races is suggested. In addition, it is unconfirmed whether tieflings can reproduce on their own. Even if they can, no one knows if there is such a thing as a pure blood tiefling. Many speculate that a tiefling mingling with any other race gives birth to a pureblood of the other race. The most common theory of two tieflings mingling is believed to produce a pure fiend.

Tieflings brought up by a mortal family has some semblance of a life. They are generally outcasts of any community, but their acceptance is based on their character growing up. There have been many cases where the tiefling child was slain by mob justice because of “fiendish behavior,” sometimes even the family is put to a fiery death because of their affiliation with the troublemaking child. The opposite is not unheard of in a tiefling’s life, some actually succeed at becoming accepted in their families community. Possibly the tiefling did something honorable or simply brought a great deal of skill to the settlement.


Tieflings can be found anywhere in the world. Ritual sacrifice of a maiden or ritual debauchery is common among the shadowy elements or the dark arts; the result of such a union is unmistakably a tiefling. Though they are wide spread and slowly becoming know as their own race, and yes actually one of the common races, there has never been enough of them in one place for them to come together as their own community. Awlidan has never seen a tiefling empire.

Eridus has the largest number of tieflings, good or bad, spread throughout its islands.


Tieflings are probably one of the most misunderstood of the common races. Their fiendish appearance makes them an easy target for fear and hate among the populace. Because of fear and the superstitions of man, tieflings are easily targeted for anything that goes wrong in a community. It takes a strong willed tiefling to fight the dark heritage running through its veins, though many do.

Though tieflings know more persecution than any of the other common races, many of them still become defenders of the people and use their skills to better mankind. Unfortunately each tiefling must earn his own reputation and in this day and age it is easy to gain an infamous one when you have fiendish blood. A tiefling that wants and earns a good reputation, or possibly just a reputation as an honorable adventurer, must fight to keep what he has earned. A tiefling with a bad reputation is hard pressed to lose it.

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