Nearly the entire province of Togarrus is hidden under a canopy of woodlands. Certainly its entire populated area is hidden by the rough wilderness. This is a land soaked with the blood of its settlers, many of which died trying to start their new life here. The land is selfish and unrelenting, hungry for new travelers and quick to take the careless.

Togarrus is a northern province bordering on the Canal, and is considered one of the most dangerous provinces of Northern Eridus. There is almost no clear country within the borders of the province. It is literally covered with dangerous terrain. The jungle is relentless and unforgiving. Leaving the safety of the known roads have been the end of many a weary traveler. On the provinces western edge, the treacherous jungle turns directly to murderous mountains.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • You may add Perception to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 to all Perception checks
  • Gain resist 2 poison (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Province Society

The people settling within Togarrus are thought of as the bravest or the most fool hardy. The settlers of this region have never had it easy. When they first came to this rich jungle they could see the potential of its vast resources. It did not take long for them to realize what they got themselves into. Many travelers died from its uneven surfaces, surprising landfalls, and its hungry inhabitants.

Togarrus is a large province spanning across the entire Sunderwood Jungle and includes part of the Devil Horns Mountains. It is still only lightly populated and much of te jungles inner most secrets have yet to be discovered. The settlers decided that along the jungles edges would be a safer place.

The Togarrus settlers are a hardy folk. They have seen their share of death both brutal and merciless. It was as if the jungle itself was reaching out and consuming them. It is this harsh reality that gave them their aloof attitude toward strangers. If travelers are brave enough to weather the jungles surprises, they deserve a place to drink away their aches and to rest their weary feet.

Auristians are quite rare in this area. They say that it is because the province is not worth the trouble. The most common rumor is that they are too cowardly to brave the treacherous jungle. The province has yet to establish a single lord to govern the area. Until that time the towns are ruled by mayors and the mayors choose successors for their seat. For now, Capitol Tobitus houses a Chancellor that speaks for them when dealing with the Empire or sometimes other provinces.

The settlers of Togarrus are in constant danger from all sides. The jungle hides a plethora of dangers they must face. It is their greatest resource and their greatest threat. To the west is an unyielding mountain range wrought with dangers and perils. Escape to the south is impossible with the Eridus Canal at their back, and Southern Eridus so far away.


Togarrus is completely hidden by its terrain. Two-thirds of the province is covered by thick jungle. The jungle is full of hazards that could easily end a human’s life. The western one-third of the province is just mountains. The jungle quickly gives way to the jagged high peaks of the Devil Horns Mountains.

Devil Horns Mountains: The western tip of Togarrus is a nearly square mountain range. This is the southern most horn of the fiendish Devil Horns range. The mountains are cold and howl with malicious intent. At night an eerie red glow appears to shine behind the mountain peaks, as if hell itself was watching and waiting. The red dragon Villantryx is known to lair in the highest peaks of these mountains. On the nights of a new moon, miners say they can here her howls and roars, as if in great pain. It has been years since anyone has seen her during the day.

Sunderwood Jungle: Once out of the mountains the rest of Togarrus is covered the dense and hostile jungle of Sunderwood. The woodland itself can be very dangerous and cost many Togarrians their lives. There are numerous dangers and hazards throughout the jungle and much of this terrain has yet to be seen by human eyes. There is much of Togarrus that is still not charted. Secrets and mysteries lie hidden in the deepest and darkest places of this untamed jungle, and not even the hardiest of Togarrians will brave the search.

Eridus Canal: The Canal is a stretch of water that cuts Eridus nearly in half. The canal has a width of anywhere from 1 mile to 10 miles depending on where your looking. In some places, the pass can have walls as high as 100 feet. It is a major trade route between the eastern and western isles.

Province Features

Even though Togarrus is a large province with a great deal of resources, it is still one of the least populated regions. The jungle is a well of resources waiting to be harvested and the mountains are thick with ore and other precious commodities. With all this promise, still very few will travel this treacherous terrain.

Tobitus [Large Walled City: 16,505]: Tobitus is located on the western edge of the jungle when the woods become mountains. The city is a beautiful combination of wood, clay and stone, the brick and stone walls being outlined with wood reinforcements. Regardless of its mining background, the city is in good condition and well kept. The settlers spared no expense when the city began as a small mining community. This way of thinking has never changed; the city is very well built. The buildings are made in the same manner as the great walls around the city. The builders discovered a new way of making brick; with a mixture of stone and clay. At first glance the people seem dower and grim; in all actuality they are quite well meaning people and take kindly to strangers. If they seem to look down or serious, it is because they take challenges seriously and every day is a challenge. They bring a great bit of fervor to everything they do.

The Eridus Bridge: Recently a team of gnome engineers was contracted to create a bridge to expand across the Canal to link the two halves of Eridus. The bridge was recently completed and is now an attraction of Togarrus. Taking the south road from Tobitus, traveling south along the mountains will lead travelers to the new Eridus Bridge. The bridge spans the Canal at the end of Edgewood’s Road across to the village of Numond in Drakkhorn.

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