Trenthral is one of the largest provinces not part of the mainland of Eridus. It is part of a large island to the southwest. It is known as Fire Island for it has strange phenomenon within the mountains and hills. These strange environmental occurrences give it a look of a burning land and a feel of blazing furnaces.

Trenthral is part of a large island to the far west of Eridus. The island of Aerthrall lies beyond the Dragon Tooth Bay. This part of the island is covered in rough and dangerous terrain. From high peaked mountains to the thick jungle that spans its western shoreline, like a deadly predator the island is ever watchful for the weak and timid to swallow them up. A single mistake on this island could spell disaster for even the most experienced adventurer.


  • +1 bonus to Intelligence
  • You may add Arcana and History to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all Arcana and History checks
  • Gain resist 2 fire (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Province Society

The people of Trenthral work hard for their keep and have proven to be quite good at it. The province is full of people that are experts at what they do. They are expert mountaineers, expert hunters, expert guides, and expert survivors. The deadly terrain and the ruthless predators have hardened the people that live here. They learn from others mistakes and learn to cope with the dangers.

Trenthral is a society built around a single Lord Governor. He makes all the decisions that affect the livelihood of the people and the integrity of the island. The Lord Governor is a highly respected and protected individual. He is usually someone that has earned the respect of nearly everyone in the province. He excels at negotiation and mitigation and knows the importance of every job on the island from the goat herder up in the mountains to the single hunter deep in the jungle stalking his prey.

Trenthral’s traditions for selecting a leader are very similar to the old ways of Eridus, as set forth by King Ethver Bertoltsen himself. Nobles from each settlement choose a possible candidate for the governor of the province. The difference between Eridus and Trenthral is, once the nobles are choose their candidate the people vote for their next leader. It is anew policy and only found in Trenthral itself. The other provinces believe this puts too much power in the hands of the common people. It has been a working concept for over a decade.

Trenthral has a very hospitable society. The inhabitants encourage strangers to come to their beautiful country and partake in their ways of life. Most people are friendly with the new faces that are brought on the ships in the harbor. It is not hard to get an eager guide to show travelers the sights, for a few coins of course. Anyone willing to brave these harsh lands quickly earns the respect of the Trenthalian people.


Trenthral is the largest province on Aerthrall Island. It covers most of the land from the northern most point of the mountains all the way down to the south coast. The province is nearly split down the middle lengthwise by its terrain. On the eastern side of the island are mountains to the north that slowly shrink into hills along the southeastern shore. The entire western side of the island is taken by its enormous and very dense jungle, all of it extremely deadly terrain.

Blood Willow Jungle: The Blood Willow jungle starts near the northern border. It covers the territory between the northwest shoreline and the Thrall River. The settlers that live in this jungle must keep a watchful eye for the many species of man eating plants and the numerous aggressive animals that make their home here. Hunters believe this to be an ideal spot for bringing in food for their respective communities. With the high population of animals it makes hunting quite easy. Unfortunately many hunters fall prey to the many predators also hunting in these woods.

The Burning Hills: The Burning Hills are a bit of a mystery to most scholars and sages. The climate throughout these hills is much warmer than anywhere else on the island. Even in the deep gorges and caves found in the hills, the air is stale, very warm and unmoving. That is the biggest mystery, there never seems to be a breeze. Even on the tallest rock or the highest outcropping the air never moves.

Flamemist Mountains: These mountains are both full of wealth for those that are brave enough to work these lands and deadly to those unfit or untrained to travel here. The Flamemist Mountains are wrought with dangers of all sorts. Not only is the land itself the most treacherous on Aerthrall, it is filled with creatures willing to kill for their next meal. The Flamemist also has a strange formation to them. Along the eastern seashore, the mountains slope upward and westward. Not just in areas, but the entire length of the range has a kind of smooth edge rising up from the waters. Ship captains call it the Wall of Flame as it looks like a single long wall tilting a falling to the west. On a clear morning, when the sun slowly rises, it looks like the entire range is ablaze with brilliant red fire.

Jungle of Ill Fate: The jungle of Trenthral spans its entire western coast. It covers all the lowlands between the shoreline and the mountains and hills. Many expert guides and experienced woodsman have lost their lives in these dangerous woods. The dangers range from the land itself, to the vegetation, to the creatures that live here. Some creatures that make their home here cannot be found anywhere else in Eridus. It is recommended that no one go in alone, and no one travel the jungle without an experienced guide or hunter.

Fates Lake: Fates Lake is a small body of water resting on the edge of the woods where the jungle meets the mountains. It is in the northern portion of the province and is a major resource for the town of Bliry. Fates Lake gets its name from a phenomenon that happens once a month. Each month, during the full moon, a thick white mist covers the surface of the lake. A glow appears to emanate from the inside of the mist. Witnesses say they have seen ghosts walk the lake surface. Strange disappearances are documented during these times as well, fisherman take their boat out during the day and at night it returns… empty.

Rhoo Lake: This lake is located in the southern half of the province. It is found a few miles before the southern shoreline. Most of it is in the hills but it does reach out slightly into the jungle to the west. Like the hills around it, the waters of this lake are nearly always calm and the lake itself is extremely warm. Sometimes even during the roughest storms, the surface of the lake will remain still, devoid of a single ripple.

Province Features

Trenthral is a highly populated region. It is a very large province and holds a great many resources. Despite its size though, only half of it is populated. The eastern portion of the province, where the mountains and the hills are, it is considered inhospitable and the people of Trenthral will not settle the area. The weather patterns and the high temperatures make it too difficult to live in. They will work the land, hunt, and gather within the hills and mountains. But the settlers of Trenthral know better than to spend too much time within the harsh and deadly terrain.

Rhoorum [Large Walled Port City: 15,913]: The city of Rhoorum was the first settlement of Trenthral. It quickly became the center of the province. It was built very sturdy and highly defensible with the lake at is back. People would branch out to hunt, mine, and gather other resources, but for a time Rhoorum was the place to come back to. The town hall of te city is more of a small keep rather than a manner. If the outer walls were breached, the people could fall back to the Hall and find refuge there. Rhoorum is a safe haven for travelers, traders, merchants, and others coming to do honest business.

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