The province of Uhnesh is only barely a province at all. More likely it is seen as territory not claimed by Drakkhorn or Tyr’Wyking so by default it is given over to the few settlers that have claimed land in the area. It is unknown why this land was settled in the first place but it was claimed by the nomads like all the rest of the Isles.

Uhnesh is located in the center of Southern Eridus. It spans the entire middle of the island, from the Eridus Canal down to the southern shore. It is the smallest of the three provinces here in the south, but also the most feared. Right from the Canal is a vast, thick jungle. Traveling south, the land turns from dry, woodland to wet marshland. The marsh of Uhnesh is known to be the most unforgiving territory throughout Eridus.


  • +1 bonus to Strength
  • You may add Athletics and Endurance to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 to all Athletics and Endurance checks
  • Gain resist 2 acid (or existing resistance increases by 2), at 11th level resistance improves to resist 3 (or increase by 3), and at 21st level resistance improves to resist 5 (or increase by 5)

Province Society

There is not much of a society in Uhnesh, it is very scarcely populated. There are only two settlements throughout its territory, and those are both in the swamp. Uhnesh doesn’t have a governor. The two settlements are governed solely by their mayor and separate from one another. There is free and fair trade between the two settlements but that is as far as it goes. One does not infringe on the other when it comes to running the different communities.

The people of Uhnesh are friendly and well meaning people, but they are shunned by their neighbors. Living in the marsh has made them go easier on personal appearance and hygiene. The settlements are run down and trashy, with no care put towards the looks of the towns. The buildings are shoddy; some are nothing more than shacks. Some structures are well built, but grime and other things grow along the walls making them unappealing to the eye.

Uhnesh might not look appealing, but the people do good business. They treat their customers well, and repeat customers are usually treated like kin. The community built here is more like a large family. Everyone knows one another, there are very few secrets, and strangers get a kind eye and a welcome smile.


Uhnesh is a widely unpopulated region in the center of Southern Eridus. The northern one-third of the province is covered in heavy vegetation and woodlands, the Jungle of Roaming Vines. The rest of the province is taken up by the massive Sheervine Marsh. The marsh covers the territory between the jungle and the southern coast of the island.

Jungle of Roaming Vines: This jungle is mysterious and foreboding. Trees walk, vegetation moves on its own, and where once stood a hill of vines and bush and undergrowth, might not be there if they eye wanders away for too long. Scholars believe an order of druids protect this jungle and use these tricks of the eye to scare off potential dangers.

Sheervine Marsh: The entire south center of the southern half of Eridus is a vast swamp. The land is wet, difficult to travel and teaming with life both benevolent and deadly. Te marsh holds no respite for travelers and shows no mercy to the weary.

Province Features

The population of Uhnesh is only a fraction of any other province. Life in the swamp is very difficult and takes a certain kind of person to live here. Many who come here find the typ of life too harsh or parish to the terrain or wildlife.

Uhnem [Small Walled Port City: 11,304]: Uhnem is the safest place in all of Uhnesh. It rests on the shore at the southern most point of the province. The entire city has the look of a harbor. The structures are made of thick wood that has discolored over time, and most are built on stilts to keep them out of the marsh water. Nothing is done to make the city look appealing. The streets are nothing more than muddy byways and never dry up. Wooden planks make up some pathways to cover the worst areas throughout the city. South Uhnem is built over top of the shore line with great pillars and stilts raising it above the water. These are the Docks, and it is the major trade area of the city.

Ness [Village: 834]: This small settlement is built upon one of the few dry hills found around the swamp. Ness is a hunting and gathering village. They trade their wares primarily to Uhnem since travelers are rare and establishments are hard to keep up. Their number one attraction is the Hunting Lodge. This is the largest structure in the village, dwarfing even the town hall and the mayor’s house. The Hunting Lodge consists of a group of master hunters that work the area around Ness. They keep the village fed and clothed. In return, many of the settlers work in the lodge to fill the hunter’s needs and to keep the lodge in top shape.

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