Village Of Tumoin

This small hamlet sets on the edge of the Jade Tail Jungle and the Burning Hills. It is a small hunting and gathering settlement that has very little in the ways of drawing adventuring heroes. The people of Tumoin brave the jungle to hunt and gather as well as the hills to the north. They do very little mining if any. Mostly they send teams to gather the special black rock that is found around the Burning Hills.

The people of Tumoin are hunters and gatherers; they are far from being soldiers, though they do have the ability to defend their homes if the need arises. The village has no guards for defense so they must rely on a strong militia. The population is very small in Tumoin, numbering a little over 200 people.

Sites and Personalities

The Happy Hunter: This is the only Inn located in the village and it doubles as the village tavern. The proprietors name is Larimond, a large but friendly human that seems happy to see all who walk through his doors. Because of a terrible accident that has befallen the mayor of the village, Larimond is also the acting Village Leader.

The Traveler’s Goods: This is a small general store owned by a family of halflings. Off to the northeast, near the village, is the wagon homes of the halflings. The current proprietor is called Ayvengrin. The halfling store has no weapons or armor in stock.

The Raven's Eye: Like all settlements in Mentiel, the people here worship the Raven Queen as their patron deity. The Raven’s Eye is the only temple within the village and it has one cleric, a male half-elf named Elesthare. He has a few rituals that can help any adventuring group including: Cure Disease, Raise Dead, and Remove Affliction. He can also cast Gentle Repose if necessary. These services come with a donation of course.

Campaign Quests

Exarch of Yeenoghu

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