Xel Osleen

The Xynthians are known for many things; their fanaticism and zealotry, their wise teachings, and their religion just to name a few. Xel Osleen reveals a new side to the Xynthians, their acceptance. The inhabitants of this province are very different from the other two on the island. They believe in their own ways and at most teaching others according to their actions instead of their words.

The province of Xel Osleen is located on the southwestern point of the island. It has the shape of a spear head or spike. It begins at the border of Xenthaphrin where it is at its widest. It immediately begins to taper inward until it comes to a point at the far end of te province. It is also known as the grip of the axe.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add Religion to your class skill list
  • Gain a +2 to all Religion checks
  • You may reroll any Religion check, but you must keep the second result even if it is worse
  • +2 bonus to Saving Throws against charm effects

Province Society

Xel Osleen, or Osleen by most, is an easier province than the other two on the island. Where the Xenthaphrins want to be helpful and the Senate of Wisdom wants to offer guidance to the rest of the lands, Osleen is self-absorbed. The people of Gol Ikaris wish to protect their religious ways by forcing them upon any who enter their lands. Osleen keeps to their own traditions and allows travelers and visitors to do the same.

Osleen still has laws that all people must uphold, but they are no different from the laws of other provinces. The people of Osleen hold to more of a code of conduct rather than a list of strict rules and regulations. They are more liberal on their laws but uphold the basis of human life and decency. These more basic rules do apply to visitors, but they aren’t much different than those found in other lands or provinces.

Osleen adheres to the word of t Senate of Wisdom for government rules and laws. Like the rest of the island, Osleen lies within the boundaries of the Senate’s laws and they have the final say on matters that deal with the islands prosperity and protection. Aside from the Senate, the province has its own governor and mayors for its settlements. The governor is chosen by the Senate from a list of candidates and is chosen on the merits of religious background, leadership skills, and wisdom. The mayors of the settlements are usually the wealthiest of the lords and land owners.


Osleen is not a very big province compared to Xenthaphrin. It covers less than a quarter of the island’s total landmass. The center of the spearhead, or axe handle, is part of the jungle that covers the center of the island. Surrounding the jungle and covering the shorelines is rolling plains and grasslands.

Fields of Xeleen: The plains of Osleen are different from the rest of the island. They receive much of the weather patterns from the island of Aliandess. On occasion a storm will move in from the south and bring either ash winds from the Eyghos Plains from Anthius or boiling rain. These storms may be few in number but they are well known throughout these lands. When the weather is calm the temperature is very high. These temperatures are quite common through the plains of Xeleen.

The Windless Jungle: The Windless Jungle covers a moderate portion of the province. It comes across the border of Xenthaphrin and continues about half way across the province. It tapers inward like the shape of the province itself, never reaching the shoreline. The lack of wind in the jungle can be a problem but it can be a great boon to the settlers of Osleen. The storms that bring a bad wind from Anthius are a major problem for the people of the province. The heavy winds and hot rain are stopped in their tracks at the border of the jungle.

Province Features

Osleen is scarcely populated. Because of its close proximity to the island of Aliandess, storms from the sea sometimes bring the harsh environment of that island to Xenaphar. Xel Osleen is hit the worst and few Xynthians will settle the area for that reason. Osleen has a few settlements, with its major Capitol being in the jungle, protected.

Osetam [Large Walled City: 14,482]: The Capitol city of Osleen is located just inside the jungle, close to the border of Xenthaphrin. It’s the largest settlement of the province and the most prosperous. The jungle provides a great deal of resources and the people of Osetam are quite happy to exploit them. The city has modest sized walls that surround its outer edge. There are walls within the city that separate the different districts. The center of the city is reserved for the governor of the province, the mayor of the city, and the other families of wealth. It is the Lord’s District and its entrances are guarded from commoners.

The Conclave of the Moon: The Conclave is a monastery of monks that dedicate their lives to a ascetic belief, and works toward the perfection of the mind, body, and spirit. It was founded by the followers of the Hero Sehanine Moonbow and is dedicated to achieving and promoting enlightenment. Advanced followers are sent to seek further enlightenment by traveling the lands as Walkers spreading the word of the Heroes. The Conclave received the blessing of the Senate of Wisdom and has been an active ally against the House of the Black Xen. The Conclave is on good relations with all of the good aligned Heroes and many of the unaligned ones. Walkers commonly seek out evil, especially dealings of the Black Xen, and act as defenders of the innocent.

The Conclave of the Moon is sanctioned by the Senate of Wisdom and Walkers of the Moon are recognized as members of the priesthood throughout Xynthian lands. The Imperium is suspicious of their activities but the religious nature of the Walkers gives them some sort of leeway in the eyes of the High Lord Commander.

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