Xenthaphrin is the seat of power among the Xynthian society. It is the home of the Senate of Wisdom and considered the center all religion in Eridus. The Xynthians brought a new religion to the nomadic people that settled Eridus and they continue to provide spiritual aid and guidance to any that accepts it. Some view these enigmatic people as parents to the Eridus community, both watchers and guardians to the people. Others see them as overseers and resent their involvement.

The province of Xenthaphrin is the Capitol of the island of Xenaphar. TI covers more than two-thirds of the entire island, leaving the rest to be divided among the remaining two provinces. Xenthaphrin covers the center portion of the island and the large eastern portion. The island of Xenaphar is the far northwestern island from Eridus.


  • +1 bonus to Wisdom
  • You may add History and Religion to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 to all History and Religion checks
  • Add the higher of your Wisdom score or your Constitution score to your starting hit points (instead of automatically adding your Constitution score). Your number of healing surges is still based on your Constitution score.

Province Society

Like most places in the Eridus Isles, Xenthaphrin is populated by a number of different races. It houses a mixture of the common races as well as some of the under races. Although it opens its borders to anyone who wishes to live here, it is ruled by the governing body of Xynthians.

The Xynthian people are humans that have dedicated their lives to knowledge, history, and religion. They are considered many things by a variety of people. They are seen as healers, monks, and even clergy. By some they are even seen as liars and conspirators.

The people of Xenthaphrin try to bring prosperity to those they can help, and spread the word of their faith. Even though they are apart from Eridus, they try to help wherever they can. They do not force their beliefs upon the people of these islands, but they are happy to teach anyone willing to listen. Their goal is to guide the people of Eridus into a more advanced society.

Xenthaphrin is not under the jurisdiction of the Eridus rulership, neither is the rest of the island of Xenaphar. Their island is ruled by the Senate of Wisdom. This Senate is made up of various clerics and priests. There are three cleric members sitting on a Senate Seat for each good or neutral faith. Even some non-human ones are represented here. Those present include three clerics representing Bahamut, three for Pelor, and even three for the Raven Queen. The Senate of Wisdom chose not to represent the darker side of the faith. They believe in tempering justice with wisdom and being fair minded in their rules and laws.


Xenthaphrin is a large province with many types of terrain spread throughout the land. Some say the island is in the shape of a great dwarven axe and Xenthaphrin is the mighty blade. The province houses a great jungle woodland at its center. There are also hills on the eastern side of the island and they give way to a mountain range covering the east coast of the region. There are very few plains in Xenthaphrin, but they are present.

The Bladed Peaks: This is the rich and high peaked mountain range on the far eastern edge of the province. The entire mountain range is rich with mineral deposits and precious metals and gems. Somewhere deep in the mountains is the home of Xaphrimet, a great metallic dragon of silver or gold origin who is rumored to be allied with the Senate. The southern most point of the Bladed Peaks shares in the blight of Anthius. The air is dry and stale and very hot. Every living thing has migrated somewhere else, leaving this portion of the mountains barren and lifeless. This also forces Xaphrimet to expand his hunting territory. It is speculated this was how the Senate learned of the dragon to begin with.

Plains of Xim: The Plains of Xim is a small section of hilly grasslands located on the northern point of Xenthaphrin. The land here is highly fertile. It is rich in nutrients for raising cattle and it is very easy to grow crops here. It is not unheard of for things to grow very big in these grasslands. The Plains of Xim are home to many dire animal species giving credence to the strange growth from the area. Reports of strange lights flying about these plains have become almost common.

Razor Hills: These hills are the provinces biggest problem. The hills harbor a number of lower species, the worst of which are the earth giants and hobgoblins. Many hunting parties have gone into the hills simply for the extermination of these beasts. The battles are usually grim, and many do not return.

The Windless Jungle: The Windless Jungle is the large wooded area covering the entire center of the island itself. It begins in the middle of the island and stretches out into each of the four points. It gets its name from a strange phenomenon that prevents wind movement through the jungle. Many scholars speculate that it’s because of the sheer density of the jungle. Many others cannot explain it and still research it even today. The jungle is teaming with wildlife both flora and fauna. It is quite rich with numerous resources.

Province Features

Xenthaphrin is well populated throughout its vast landscape. Although the ratio between the amount of land in the province and its population is proof it still has a long way to go. Every terrain type is populated by Xynthians working the land and gathering its resources, but there is a lot of land to cover. The Xynthians encourage immigrants to settle the island, but their history makes most settlers of Eridus skeptical.

Xapherin [Large Walled City: 19,134]: This is the largest settlement of all Xenthaphrin. IT stands to reason that it would be the Capitol of the province and the center of commerce. This is also the home of the Senate of Wisdom. Here all the decisions are made for the betterment or benefit of the whole island. The city is a testament to the Xynthian’s advanced society and technology. The structures throughout the city are exceptionally well built and could withstand the hardiest of weather conditions. The walls of the city are well known for their strength and defensive capabilities. It is rumored the Xynthians brought in a team of dwarven architects to plan and build it.

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