Being the farthest island of Eridus’s territory, few even know the island exists. It is so far out away from the rest of the Eridus Isles it could be considered its own land rather than part of Eridus at all. If it wasn’t for the fact that the island is settled by nomads the way the rest of the Isles are, that theory might be true.

Ylvangar is a small island located to the southwest of Eridus. It rests just off the southwestern coast of Elsenmoor, home of the gnomes. It is one of the smaller islands and is the furthest south of any other island. Some call it the Forgotten Island.


  • +1 bonus to Constitution
  • You may add History and Religion to your class skill list
  • Gain a +1 bonus to all History and Religion checks
  • When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a +1 bonus to all rolls made during the extra action granted

Ylvangar Society

Ylvangar has been settled by humans for a very long time. The settlements here are old and worn and the people are set in their ways. The island has more of a free roaming atmosphere about it. The island is predominantly human but they shore it with the roaming bands of halflings.

Everyone here is considered free and the laws are very loose. The people settled here do not consider themselves part of Eridus and they don’t follow any of the traditions usually found among the other islands. Because of their distance away from the main island, they have been spared the confrontation with the Empire.

The inhabitants of Ylvangar believe the gods will provide for them, but they are not naïve. They are strong willed and stubborn when it comes to what they know and what they believe. A favorite pass time is to get into discussions and even arguments about what is what. They make their own living by the land they live on, trading mostly with the other communities on the island.

The people of Ylvangar are also not afraid to protect what they have. They are said to be grown big in Ylvangar. They work their farms, hammer their metals and tend to their animals. When a threat comes to the island, they are not afraid to take up arms and fight. They are known for their ferocity as well as their honor in battle. There aren’t many that will willingly stand up against an Ylvangar warrior.

Because of freedom exercised on the island, a community of halflings has come to know the island as home. It is one of the few permanent halfling settlements in Eridus. The people of Ylvangar and the halflings of the Salsmorm Clan have become good neighbors and trade with each other frequently. When a new family is created through migration or marriage, it doesn’t take long for a building party to form. A house is usually erected within a couple of days. Whether it is a human family or a halfling one, both races are present in the party.

The inhabitants of Ylvangar are a free loving people. They are friendly to strangers and they treat friends like family. They work hard for a living and spend good times and spin stories at the local tavern at the end of the day.


Ylvangar is a rich green island, quite the opposite of Elsenmoor. The island is mostly covered in a modest jungle but there is a small area of plains towards the north point. Having mostly jungle terrain, what little plains are available on the island is taken up by crops and herds.

Ylmorian Jungle: The Ylmorian jungle covers over three quarters of the entire island. It is alive with rich vegetation and wondrous creatures. There are small creeks and rivers hidden deep within the canopy. The Ylmorian jungle is one of the easiest jungles to maneuver found among the Eridus Isles. It is simply too small to cause too many problems for travelers, although, guides are typically recommended since one never knows what they will come across while traveling through it.

Island Features

The island itself is quite small, but it still houses a good sized population. For its size, Ylvangar is densely populated. Between the humans and the halflings, the population is much more than one would expect. The two races work together to keep the island safe, friendly, and alive.

Yonys [Small Port City: 9,930]: Yonys was the first settlement on Ylvangar. Others have immigrated to the island or people have moved to form other settlements but Yonys continues to thrive and grow. It has grown to be the largest settlement on the island by far, located at the northern point. The city started as a small port town, struggling at first. With the new trade with Aerthrall and Elsenmoor the settlement has thrived and grown into a small city. The city had many faces. In the beginning it was nothing more than a ramshackle town. With growing commerce and resources, the city’s structures have been either rebuilt or reinforced with new plaster and stucco. This gives the city a cleaner and more kempt look.

Samorm [Hamlet: 232]: Samorm is a newly developed settlement located near the center of the island. The small hamlet is a permanent settlement of halflings. It has a weird shape since most of the structures are built around the uneven jungle floor and wildlife. The halfling village is almost invisible to those that do not know where it is. The outer buildings are built form the surrounding woods, complete with green vegetation on the roof to add camouflage. Some houses are built into the raised hillside near the hamlet. They are eager to help their human neighbors and human visitors are not uncommon in Samorm.

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